Glenross Manor House and Villas is a haven from the world outside and offers a glimpse into a history that is steeped in rich culture and tradition from a bygone era. While offering our guests the best modern conveniences, we try to stay true to this land’s heritage by letting you experience the simple joys of the colonial planter.

Swimming Pool

Nestled in a serene refuge surrounded by lush foliage and natural landscaping, our swimming pool is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a quiet moment. Cool down with a swim in the refreshing waters of our pool or delve into a good book with the sounds of nature as your background music.

In-Villa Games

Many colonial recreational games have found their way into the hearts and traditions of the Sri Lankan people. Most famously are the games of Carom, Chess and Darts which, during colonial times, were played among friends and family members during idle hours, over a cup of Ceylon tea. Our guests are welcome to enjoy these age old traditions with us.


Our little corner of paradise is a place to leave the world behind, but we understand that there are some things that just can’t be left for later. That’s why we offer all our guests free unlimited access to Wi-Fi for their entire stay with us.